July 31st, 2011

The Need For Community Health Research Is Overwhelming

One of the most pressing issues society faces today is the need for community health research. Many of the problems facing society center around wellness and well-being of the different ethnic and social groups living in the U.S.
The baby boomer cohort will soon reach retirement age. This group is very large and may place great demands on medical institutions. To try and anticipate the needs of this group, an understanding of their views and how they expect to utilize medical services is needed.
Those citizens age 45 to 54 are described as being very hard working and somewhat self centered. Within this population are those who have overindulged on food and leisure for much of their lives. They will need to focus on ways to improve fitness, loose weight and reduce high levels of cholesterol in the blood.
Understanding the habits and views of this group can help providers and investigators develop suitable programs for education, prevention and  treatment of the most common illnesses this group will face. In order to address the most severe illnesses, it will be necessary to relate to members of this group from a perspective of how to cost effectively treat large portions of the population.
Knowing about this age group can allow institutions to make needed changes to care facilities, to accommodate a larger population. Skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and independent living centers will need to gather data about baby boomer populations in the communities they serve, to be adequately prepare with facilities and staff. Physicians offices and hospitals will also need to know how many people they can expect to serve in the future.
There is an abundance of literature on the disparities in health care for racial minorities and certain ethnic groups. There are several factors that contribute to the disparities. Lack of adequate communication between patient and care provider is a major obstacle.
Sometimes the poor communication comes from language barriers. Other times it comes from lack of understanding about a particular culture and its beliefs surrounding health. Either way, the result is less frequent access to care and poor compliance. When people of certain ethnic or racial groups are less compliant, they may experience poor outcomes for specific illnesses, such as Heart Disease and Diabetes.
The need for community health research is evident, to develop programs that effectively address the barriers in access to care. Some institutions are adopting programs to certify professional translators. Others are developing cultural competency programs to educate medical staff on how to approach people of different cultures and backgrounds. Staff who understand the cultural and emotional needs of patients are able to provide better care and experience higher levels of treatment compliance, due to better relationships with patients.
Today Heart Disease and Diabetes have reached
States and local communities set aside funds to target specific issues within communities. Knowing which problems are most pressing can help legislators target funds for specific activities related to health and wellness. If obesity and related illnesses affect school age children more frequently, states can mandate that additional nutrition education is incorporated into health education programs.
If the incidence is high among all members of the community, funding may be used to build facilities for recreation, like parks and fitness centers. Residents who have access to low cost or free facilities that promote exercise may experience increased levels of health, reduced weight and lower incidence of epidemic illness.
The need for community health research is prevalent when policy makers attempt to address issues of wellness. To push for appropriate legislation, representatives need to know which diseases are most prevalent in their communities and what types of legislation will encourage proper solutions.
Every region in the country has a different mix of people from various ethnic and cultural groups. Understanding that mix and how it affects the region is necessary to improve the overall well being of its members. The best way to gain a better understanding of the needs of a city or region is to collect health data on a representative sample of its members. This may involve collecting non-identifying information from care providers and facilities. It may also involve conducting surveys of members of the community, to gain a more thorough understanding of their views and beliefs.

African Mango, Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Beans Extract: Organic Components of Dr Oz’s Superfruit Diet

August 31st, 2012

You have probably heard of Dr Oz and his natural supplements for weight loss. Your friends are raving about African mango, raspberry ketone, green coffee bean extract and the superfruit diet. All these supplements have been providing consumers with positive results.

Inside the African mango is a nut. The ground up nut is used in making the fruit extract. This supplement can burn away fat and decrease your cholesterol level.

This essential nut contains leptin which is a safe and natural hormone that can help you control your hunger. This essential hormone advises your body about your hunger. Taking this hormonal supplement decreases your appetite, making you less hungry.

Hunger suppression is very crucial if you want to decrease your food intake. Without this supplement, you always crave for sweets, junk food, and carbohydrates. Leptin makes you forget about all of these foods.

Raspberry ketone has been proven to decrease the build up of fats in your liver thereby decreasing your chances of obesity. Many studies were conducted to test the affectivity of this product. All the results show that this natural extract has powerful fat-melting properties.

Green coffee beans are known to improve your metabolism. This means that your body can burn more fats when you take this supplement. Moreover, this product can lower your cholesterol level and stimulate your immune system.

The superfruit diet of Dr Oz includes the African mango, sea buckthorn, acai berry, and raspberry ketone. Sea buckthorn keeps your body away from taking in fats. It acts as a neutralizer for the fats entering your system.

Acai berry is assists the other components in suppressing your hunger, increasing your metabolic level, and decreasing your level of cholesterol. The impressive weight loss qualities of the components are a sure winner that can provide you with fast results that are safe and natural. All the components of the superfruit diet formula are proven to be effective.

You can be sure that everything inside the miracle bottle is organic. There are no chemicals that could disrupt the natural functions of your body system. Synthetic supplements may help you lose weight but the side effects can be disturbing.

If you need a safe way to lose weight and enhance your immune system, the natural supplements from Dr. Oz are your last option. You will never need any other supplement. All the characteristics you need for a healthy food regimen are included in this special formula.

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July 31st, 2011

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